Ingrown Nails and Nail Surgery

Ingrown Nails and Nail SurgeryPartial / Total Nail Avulsion

Onychocryptosis (ingrown nail) is a painful nail pathology that can occur in people at all ages.

It is a painful condition where the nail grows abnormally into one or both sides of the nail bed. They commonly occur in the big toe.

Gabrielle can remove the offending nail spike and give you instructions on how to cut your nails and ways to avoid further in grown nails in the future.


  • Involuted nails
  • Genetics
  • Restrictive footwear
  • Incorrect cutting technique
  • Trauma to the nail 

There is also a surgical procedure which can be carried out at In Step Podiatry.


  • Local anaesthetic
    • Most painful part of the procedure
    • Numbs to the toe for approx. 1-3 hours
  • Tourniquet
    • Reduces blood flow to the surgery site
  • Offending nail edge removed
  • Use of phenol to cauterise the nail matrix
    • Chemical that kills the cells that make up the nail. It is approximately 98% effective
  • Toe is dressed
    • Open toe shoes need to be worn to accommodate dressing
  • Post-op advice
    • A redressing handout will be given and explained following the procedure