Warts (Verruca, Papilloma)

WartsWarts are contagious skin lesions that can appear anywhere on the foot and are caused by a virus.

How do you get warts?

Warts usually spread in warm, moist environments and where people tend to walk barefoot.

  • Swimming pools
  • Public showers
  • Hotel floors 

Treatment Options:

Here at In Step Podiatry we offer a few treatment options as well as at home advice.


  • This can be painful
  • 10-30 seconds of a ‘freeze’ is applied to the wart tissue
  • This can cause blistering
  • It may be uncomfortable to walk for a few days after treatment
  • This may require several treatments

Salicylic Acid

  • This is an acid paste that is available to podiatrists
  • The wart is isolated in a small amount is applied to the lesion
  • It is covered by a waterproof tape and it is required to stay clean and dry for 4-6 days
  • After we ask that the tape is removed and the wart is wiped down with apple cider vinegar

There are various other at home treatments available also which can be discussed with Gabrielle.