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Gabrielle Hickman (B.Pod)

She is excited to be bringing her expertise and brand new clinic to Ballarat and surrounding areas. Specialising in lower limb care, you can expect a high quality, professional treatment coupled with a friendly, caring and confidential service from diagnoses to a tailor made treatment outcome. Gabrielle studied at La Trobe University and graduated in 2011. She has worked in the public and private sector in both the UK and Melbourne. Gabrielle has a special interest in nail surgery, biomechanics and diabetic foot care.

Accreditations and qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Podiatry
  • Completion of a lower limb acupuncture course
  • Dolorclast shockwave therapy clinical application and safety course
  • Rocktape taping and application course
  • Manipulation and Mobilisation of the lower limb and foot


People with diabetes are more at risk of developing foot problems. It is important to get your feet checked by a podiatrist at least once a year to ensure you maintain good foot health.

There are two main causes of foot issues that need to be monitored:

  • Angiopathy – poor circulation
    This involves a reduced blood flow to your legs and feet due to a narrowing or hardening of the blood vessels. This can lead to slower healing rates and increased risk of infection.
  • Neuropathy – loss of feeling
    This can include numbness, burning, pins and needles or itching present in the feet. This can be quite serious due to injuries such as cuts, abrasions or burns occurring without the person being aware.

Foot orthotics are inserts put into your shoes to improve foot function by supporting and realigning the foot.

Custom foot orthotics are made from a plaster impression of your feet to perfectly match your foot profile and give adequate support where it is required.

Custom orthotics provide a long term solution for many foot and lower leg issues.

We diagnose and treat a range of paediatric foot complaints such as :

  • flat feet
  • warts
  • sever’s disease
  • ingrown toenails
  • in-toeing and toe walking

Dry needling is the use of acupuncture needles to treat muscle pain also referred to as intra muscular stimulation. Fine needles are inserted to trigger points which releases them reducing muscle tightness and pain.

Dry needling can effectively treat tightness in areas such as the achilles and also plantar fasciitis and muscle strains.

A common foot pathology. We use a wide range of evidence based treatment techniques to ensure the quickest possible healing rate. The treatment plans consist of:

  • dry needling
  • footwear advice
  • strapping techniques
  • orthotic therapy
  • stretching programs
  • use of night splints



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